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 Question Time, BBC1

15th February 2024 – Graham Stuart, Lucy Powell, Drew Hendry, Jill Kirby, Jurgen Maier

Also see The National: Audience member confronts columnist on Gaza stance

28th April 2016 Andy Burnham, Greg Clark, Jill Kirby, Paul Marshall, Alex Salmond

3rd December 2015 Diane Abbott, Jill Kirby, Nicky Morgan, Caroline Lucas and Maajid Nawaz

4th June 2015  Justine Greening, Mary Creagh, Norman Lamb, Susie Boniface and Jill Kirby

4th December 2014  Sajid Javid, Yvette Cooper, Baroness Williams, Jill Kirby, Omid Djallili

20th March 2014 Danny Alexander, Andy Burnham MP,  Dominic Raab,  Jill Kirby and  Val McDermid.

27th June 2013  Simon Hughes, Liz Kendall, Jill Kirby, David Willetts and Mark Steel

The Moral Maze, BBC Radio 4

12th July 2017 The morality of parental rights – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Melanie Phillips, Matthew Taylor, Jill Kirby and Shiv Malik

15th February 2016 Banning boycotts – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Claire Fox, Jill Kirby, Melanie Phillips and Matthew Taylor

5th August 2015 On the 666th edition of the programme, the Moral Maze looks at Evil – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists Clare Fox, Giles Fraser, Jill Kirby, Matthew Taylor

15th July 2015 The moral case for the BBC – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Giles Fraser, Jill Kirby, Anne McElvoy, Matthew Taylor

8th July 2015 Moral Luck and the Budget – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Giles Fraser, Claire Fox, Jill Kirby, Matthew Taylor

17th June 2015 Victim culture – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Claire Fox, Sunder Katwala, Jill Kirby and Melanie Phillips

3rd December 2014  The morality of devolution – Presented by David Aaronovitch. Panellists: Giles Fraser, Matthew Taylor, Melanie Phillips and Jill Kirby

6th August 2014 Surrogacy – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Matthew Taylor, Claire Fox, Anne McElvoy and Jill Kirby.

30th July 2014 Politics, personality and principle – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Matthew Taylor, Giles Fraser, Claire Fox and Jill Kirby. 

23 July 2014  Just War and Gaza – Presented by Michael Buerk. Panellists: Matthew Taylor, Melanie Phillips, Giles Fraser and Jill Kirby. 

Today programme, BBC Radio 4

5th January 2017 discussing the gender pay gap

BBC News Channel, The papers

20th June 2016 Reviewing the newspapers in the EU referendum week

PM Programme, Radio 4

14th June 2016 Discussing London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s ban on “body-shaming” advertising

28th September 2013 Why the government is right to introduce a marriage tax break (5 minutes in)

16 May 2012 –  recommending the abolition of the Office of children’s commissioner

15 August 2011 – discussing David Cameron and Ed Miliband’s speeches in response to the riots

Newsnight, BBC 2

19th June 2013  Has George Osborne re-shaped public spending?  (29 mins in)

Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2

7th April 2013  Commenting on the breaking news of the death of Baroness Thatcher (78 mins in)

and:  Disability Living Allowance – are the government’s reforms fair?

18th February 2013 Should council housing tenants take in lodgers if they don’t want to downsize?

14th June 2012 – Time to redefine child poverty?  (06 mins in)

The Today programme, BBC Radio 4

3rd April 2013  Does the class system still exist?

18th May 2012 – Parenting classes for all?

23 January 2012 – Should schools be providing breakfast?

23 June 2010 – Is the Budget fair? Discussion with Polly Toynbee

16 November 2009 – Children’s rights and the UN convention

8 April 2009 – Are charities too political?

The World at One, BBC Radio 4

4th January 2013 Is there a political elite? Discussion with Lord Hennessy and Matthew Taylor

Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4

9th October 2014 Chores : The Economic and Relationship Impact – What is the effect on the economy of women spending more time than men in unpaid work?

15 October 2012 The effect of the recession on vulnerable children: what should government priorities be? (20 mins in)

1 February 2012  Are tax credits being used to subsidise low paid jobs?

16 December 2011 Should the government provide free universal childcare?

1 December 2011 Child Poverty and working women

17 March 2011 – How will the Budget affect women?

7 Feb 2011 – Should cohabiting couples have more legal rights?

15 Dec 2010 – Will spending cuts mean the return of the male breadwinner?

7 Oct 2010 – Is it time to abolish the Women’s National Commission?

15 Oct 2008 – Are women likely to be hit particularly hard by the
current economic crisis?


Hay Festival 2012

2nd June  The end of ideals?

Discussion panel with David Blunkett MP, David Aaronovitch of The Times and Lord Lawson

Any Questions, BBC Radio 4

Panel discussion chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby

26th November 2010

12 June 2009

8 August 2008


Bremner, Bird and Fortune – The Daily Wind-Up

Channel 4, 3 May 2010 (34 mins in)